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Mark Elenowitz exposes challenges related to trading in cryptocurrency

Mark Elenowitz

Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency are popular terms, and you may hear them frequently. The past few decades have observed a massive boost in demand for cryptocurrency. It has become the much talked about concept in the global arena. The economic forum hinges on this new digital currency. Various authorities are taking an interest in this. However, it is not devoid of doubts and concerns. When you look at the future of money, monetary assets, and other similar resources, cryptocurrency and stock emerge as controversial topics. Mark Elenowitz believes that people are conscious of the way it will perform in the future. The acknowledgment of Bitcoin as a payment tool has revolutionized digital transactions. If you research, you will come across a new term; it is “blockchain fatigue.”

Virtual currency and blockchain technology expose individuals to a lot of challenges. It discovers the doubts and queries people have related to this alternative. Recent statistics reveal that the crypto market, because of its volatility, is facing many questions. However, with the help of a few tips and tricks, you can correspond your investment and safeguard them against fraudulent measures.

Challenges are hindering Bitcoin growth on a global scale.

For understanding the growth and evolution of bitcoins, you have to go through the different stages or phases. It will explore how Bitcoin started gaining ground and, eventually, people started questioning its reliability. These are listed below:

•    Boom phase

Although cryptocurrency is enduring survival challenges, you cannot ignore that it has got mass acceptance. Blockchain technology impressively surpassed physical cash. People in vast numbers have accepted bitcoins for going about their global trade. Mark Elenowitz advocates that various underway and initiatives have led to this development. The cryptocurrency domain ensures transparency in digital transactions and a smooth way of getting a higher return. Hence, it is a well-established fact.

•    How the bad imagery of cryptocurrency is jeopardizing

Problems follow the boom phase of cryptocurrency. Bad actors, quick schemes, and low-quality campaigns have resulted in this. Various people have associated cryptocurrency with frauds and age-old scams. However, it is not the case. The use of cryptocurrency and stock depends on market research and analysis. You bear the responsibility for your investment. For understanding the magnitude of the market mechanism, you have to research the operations in detail.

•    The tussle between officials and blockchain

Since cryptocurrency is devoid of any 3rd party domination. There is an antagonistic relationship between higher authorities and blockchain. Blockchain and cryptocurrency had to adjust to the changes of society and the economy. According to Mark Elenowitz, apart from the obstacles rendered by officials, they had to face a lack of legislation and other related issues. However, cryptocurrency is slowly trying to adapt itself to the legal obstacles and trying to establish itself in the process.

If you grab a look at the way cryptocurrency has performed in the last few years, you will understand that the technology-driven digital currency is trying to scale its performance. As a result, different multinational agencies and corporations are taking an interest in cryptocurrency like never before. Although there are challenges and dangers associated with it, the time is not far when cryptocurrency will be the only transaction method.

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