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Hedging strategies from Mark Elenowitz to cope up with cryptocurrency risk

Mark Elenowitz

The relation between risk and cryptocurrency is well-established. A market downturn is an inevitable affair. Those who are a novice investor, you may find it challenging to invest in this digital currency. However, there are different ways of protecting yourself as well as your investment from these risks. It is here that the significance of the crypto hedging strategy comes into being. When you take the help of a hedging strategy, it helps you amplify your chances of gaining a higher return on your investment. Although you may be perplexed initially. With the right approach and knowledge, you can master the skill. According to Mark Elenowitz, you must try to explore different avenues to understand the process of hedging and using the same in your investment.

All you need to know about hedging strategy

If you take the help of the Internet, you will understand. A hedge is nothing but an investment made for reducing price volatility risk. It helps to minimize your risk of drastic loss. It is an integral part of the financial market and has helped millions of individuals to reduce their issues. The risk management strategy has now started coming into the cryptocurrency arena.

It helps you to maintain a stable value for the investment and use the market condition to your advantage. With the help of hedging strategy, Mark Elenowitz states you can protect your asset from the adverse risk of market alteration.

Different categories of hedging strategy

If you take the help of the digital forum, you will see some popular methods, which are listed below:

•    Short selling: Short selling, as the name suggests, is selling the asset when you feel that the prices will fall. You can use this opportunity to buy the stock at a lower value. And profit by selling them at a high price later on. It will help you to hedge the downside risk and other related issues.

•    Futures: Futures is nothing but an agreement used for buying or selling an asset. It brings more liquidity in the market as well as to the investor. Mark Elenowitz asks readers to keep in mind that these contracts become a part of the larger trading instrument called derivatives. The volatility of the market and the trading scenario require investors to get into these types of strategies.

•    Perpetual swaps: With the help of perpetual swap, you may sell or buy the price of the asset without you having to set a position for yourself. It gives you buying power and helps in mitigating the risk. As a result, you do not need to deal with stock price fluctuation and market volatility.

With the help of these strategies, you can hold your position in the market without fail. Moreover, financial instruments assist you in improving your finances provided you are aware of the monetary strategies.

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